Hiatari Ryoukou #4 of 8

Slightly over a month later… Most episodes were done a couple weeks ago, but the typesetting of episodes 21-23 held us back. It doesn’t look like we can make a new batch every week a reality, but at this pace, a new batch every month is certainly possible. And that is our new goal.

In addition, please donate to help us recoup the costs that went towards this project and other DVD projects we have released (such as Tabisuru Nuigurumi) or have planned (Meimon, Chuugakusei). You can also donate as a thank you jesture. Click the button below and give us whatever you can. You could also Flattr us.

And finally, we are recruiting! Urgently need an editor for Maicchingu Machiko Sensei. Translators are welcome.

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System Engineer 7 + 8

I was initially planning to announce these chapters along with chapter 9, but it seems someone found out about the release (via our IRC bot or on-line reader which sometimes contain unannounced releases) and added it to Manga-Updates. So, I’ll just let everyone know (officially) that both have been out for sometime.

We have A LOT more chapters in the pipeline and you can see the status of the chapters in the manga projects page. The manga projects page also contains a link to a BOX folder that holds our releases. But of course, we recommend reading the chapters via our manga reader, dokusha.info.

Since we have multiple projects going on at the same time, we always welcome additional help in the form of an experienced typesetter or user of Photoshop. Someone than can pre-typeset (enquire for more information) or do more.

Hiatari Ryoukou #3 of 8

After a long absence from the anime subbing scene due to personal reasons, I have returned and shall me devoting all of my free time in finishing the Hiatari Ryoukou anime series and film. All other projects are now on-hold. My aim is to release a new batch every weekend provided no issues arise and has to be fixed outside of my control. Regardless, we’ll still be releasing batches.

In addition, please donate to help us recoup the costs that went towards this project and other DVD projects we have released or have planned. Click the button below and give us whatever you can. You could also Flattr us.

And finally, we are recruiting! Urgently need an editor. Translators are welcome.

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Updated on 22-08-2014: A version 2 file of episode 17 is available here. Minor fix in typesetting. Nothing major. Grab it for archive purposes. Batch #4 Sneak Peek.


I never got into Aibo, the robotic dog made by Sony, but I did hear about it in high school. Aibo did remind me of many great products Sony made during the late 20th century. From the Mini Disc to the original PlayStation. Piroppo, an anime made exclusively to promote Aibo, caught my attention because it is made by the same person who made Redline.

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Go! Go! Kaden Danshi

A new short project that our manga translator Matthew Dennis started earlier this year following the completion of Himawari Den!. As each episode is only a minute, this will be released in batches of five to ten whenever they are done. Nothing much to say at this time, but I am only doing this because of Hanazawa Kana.

Grab it from here.


I originally wanted to release this with Ozaki, but that has a lot of signs which will take some time to do. In any case, Joseito is based on the Japanese book, Schoolgirl, written by Dazai Osamu. If you have read the book, which you can buy from Amazon if you don’t have it, you will notice a lot of the passages are the same. I didn’t have the chance to finish reading the book or watch this anime, but I hear it has a very sad story.

Grab it from here.

Tabisuru Nuigurumi

I didn’t know this anime was officially released prior to purchasing the DVDs, but I realised the quality is better than the stream, so we subtitled it. From what I’ve seen, there are no subs in the official stream, so we added the missing subs, not that they matter really.

You can grab it from here.

Hiatari Ryoukou 9v2 + 12v2…

Yes, the Hiatari Ryoukou project is still alive. Half of the next batch is complete, but episode 16 is being a pain in the arse because of a couple signs. Nonetheless, it shall be released as soon as possible. If you want me to release the episodes that are done, reply with a comment! With enough it might just happen.

For now, download these v2s of Episode 09 and Episode 12 that fixes one line in each episode.


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