Hiatari Ryoukou #4 of 8

Slightly over a month later… Most episodes were done a couple weeks ago, but the typesetting of episodes 21-23 held us back. It doesn’t look like we can make a new batch every week a reality, but at this pace, a new batch every month is certainly possible. And that is our new goal.

In addition, please donate to help us recoup the costs that went towards this project and other DVD projects we have released (such as Tabisuru Nuigurumi) or have planned (Meimon, Chuugakusei). You can also donate as a thank you jesture. Click the button below and give us whatever you can. You could also Flattr us.

And finally, we are recruiting! Urgently need an editor for Maicchingu Machiko Sensei. Translators are welcome.

Grab HR #4 from here.

8 Replies to “Hiatari Ryoukou #4 of 8”

    1. If three episodes of the batch 5 go through QC in the next 5-7 days, then we’ll have something ready. But right now, 99% of everything is out of my control.

  1. Thank you for Hiatari Ryoukou! Can´t believe you really did it after i recommended it on the old forum. Looking forward to the rest !!!

    1. The same, sadly. Episodes are at QC and it (my frustration level) is getting to the point where I may have to find someone else. Never did I think it would be freakin’ stalled at QC.

  2. Keep at it, bro! You’ve managed to make it halfway through HR! And your subs are great. I’ll keep on supporting you, bit by bit, whenever I get my allowance. I absolutely love HR, and hope you’ll finish it. I’ve waited for five years – it’s no biggie if I’ll wait one more 🙂

  3. Please continue to sub hiatari ryoukou. It’s the saddest thing when somthing end in the middle.

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