Hiatari Ryoukou #3 of 8

After a long absence from the anime subbing scene due to personal reasons, I have returned and shall me devoting all of my free time in finishing the Hiatari Ryoukou anime series and film. All other projects are now on-hold. My aim is to release a new batch every weekend provided no issues arise and has to be fixed outside of my control. Regardless, we’ll still be releasing batches.

In addition, please donate to help us recoup the costs that went towards this project and other DVD projects we have released or have planned. Click the button below and give us whatever you can. You could also Flattr us.

And finally, we are recruiting! Urgently need an editor. Translators are welcome.

Grab HR #3 from here.

Updated on 22-08-2014: A version 2 file of episode 17 is available here. Minor fix in typesetting. Nothing major. Grab it for archive purposes. Batch #4 Sneak Peek.

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  1. nice to see you working on stuff again! is there anywhere i can pick up torrents/mirc downloads for the previous episodes (i could only find torrents for 1-6 [unseeded] and 9 on the nyaa)? also, if you’re still looking for q.c/editing assistance, i may would still be happy to offer my services (english is my first language and i have a very decent grasp of spelling/punctuation/etc.) – my handle on mal is octal9 as well…………

  2. ……….and yes i know i made an editing error in the above comment (i may would still be happy) = nice!

  3. Hurray! Thank you so much for your efforts. I think Hiatari Ryouko is probably my most anticipated anime series to come out in English. You are truly a lifesaver. I’m not going to far by saying God bless you in your efforts!


  4. I just discovered that you are working on this. After i watched, and fell in love with, Cross Game, I became a fan of Mitsuru Adachi; therefore, I want to watch this. I was able to download all of the version one’s, but the patch for ep. 01-06 has no seeds with at least 3 peers. I know this is a long shot, but could I impose upon you to reseed the patch. If you cannot, or are too busy, then could you post here whether there will be a batch which will include the version two’s. Either way, I want to add my thanks for picking-up this series and for continuing to work on it. Great job!

    1. I unfortunately don’t have those file any more. You may want to search the CRC of the new files (you can find that information in the new batch or AniDB) and check on-line if there are direct downloads of those files. Some on-line streaming sites provide the original files for download too (such as Kiss Anime, but I am not sure if they have the new files). Otherwise, you will have to wait until we provide a batch to the entire series after we are done.

      1. Hi! Thank you for your reply; I completely understand about not having certain files anymore. I just had to ask. Also, thank you for the suggestion of comparing the CRC’s of the files with the batch or AniDb. I will try that. Again, thanks for all of your work on this series; I cannot wait to compare Mitsuru Adachi’s work on this as opposed to Cross Game. Great Job!

        1. Spoiler: Cross Game is better. Anime and manga. The manga for Hiatari Ryoukou was good, but the latter chapters were short stories while the anime is extending much of the first part of the manga (aka with filler material). It didn’t do so well (ratings and audience feedback) in Japan either. His other works, such as Miyuki, was better.

          1. @alchemist11
            It’s not like all other stories made by Adachi are not filled with short stories. This is the way how he is doing things and always did. And if you criticise what was done with the anime, then look at how the anime adaption for Miyuki was no different from this or even by far more unsatisfying compared to Hiatari.

          2. My point is that the anime lasted much too long for its own good and due to that, the ratings were terrible versus other Adachi Mitsuru adaptations. I haven’t seen the anime adaptation of Miyuki, so wouldn’t know anything about it. I generally don’t watch anime adaptation of manga that I have completed reading (but do the other way around). Thankfully though, the Hiatari Ryoukou ends with proper conclusion as I’ve heard Miyuki ends inconclusively.

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